Ceejay and I are committed to helping you define where you are in this moment. We will listen as you describe the burdens you are carrying, and your hopes and dreams for the future. We will introduce you to relevant principles, and help you to integrate them into your framework for living. 


Because we know what it's like to be caught in habits and beliefs that aren't helping us. We know what it's like to be in situations when grief hangs heavy all around us. We know what it's like to feel our hearts breaking, our joy overshadowed with hopelessness.


But, we also know what it's like to discover that the implementation of principles based on health promoting beliefs and habits can change the framework of our lives for good ... forever.

You can read about us. You can contact us. You can take a look at us right here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ann Donnelly

 Let us combine our dedication to living what we teach, with our enthusiasm for understanding the environment you live in, to create a dynamic, safe and progressive learning atmosphere for you. Step towards your best life now.

Ceejay Horrell

Is grief disrupting your life? You’re not alone! Experience support and freedom from emotional pain and make the difficult, but rewarding journey from coping to healing. Are you ready to take a step towards living your best life now?