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Ann Donnelly
Annie Warner Donnelly

I haven't added to this site since last year. During the time from then to now, my husband was in the final months of his 5 and a half year battle against the advancing ravages of cancer. He lost his battle on August 1, 2022.
As his caregiver, I learned many things about him and about myself, but mostly, I learned a lot about moving through challenges rather than becoming lost in the trauma of them.

I didn't always get it perfect - I still don't - but I believe I've learned some things that may prove to be valuable as you move through the challenges you're facing. I'm sharing them in the LEARN. HEAL. GROW. THRIVE. SHARE. sections of the Blog. I hope you'll be encouraged.
I'm not offering a program at this time, just insights and comfort. You can be you, the person you were created to be: stronger, wiser, better equipped to handle the challenges facing you. May you find peace in these pages.

Be like a lighthouse. It's possible to learn,

not just how to stand strong and be courageous, but how to thrive through the storms of life.

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