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Ann Donnelly
Annie Warner Donnelly

What a difference the passage of time makes. As I re-read my blog posts, I can see that the steps I've been taking have led me to where I am today. Some steps wounded me. Some healed me, but all advanced me to this place filled with joy. Life's like that. It mingles the difficult with the joyous. Life is worth living.  
I've added a new heading, Love that Never Failsbecause it makes a lot of sense to me. I want to access all the love and comfort, wisdom and discernment, grace, mercy and forgiveness that God offers to all of us. Since I'm living in Mugeta, Tanzania now, I have added a new topic to my blog: My Tanzania Journal.

May your home be a safe place to live and grow because God is in it. I'm not offering a program at this time, but I hope that the Blog's insights, comfort and encouragement help you to be the person you were created to be!

Be like a lighthouse. It's possible to learn,

not just how to stand strong and be courageous, but how to thrive through the storms of life.

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