Ann Donnelly
Annie Warner Donnelly

Everyone deserves the opportunity to heal from the harmful effects of trauma. As a survivor of multiple acts of trauma myself, I understand its devastating effects, and how it negatively impacts our life choices until we are able to overcome it.


God's words anchor us in a new set of beliefs that provide a healthy way of responding to the daily events of our lives. His words enable us to break away from the opinions of those who are negatively impacting our choices. They help us re-define who we are. You can be you, the person you were created to be: stronger, wiser, better equipped to handle the challenges facing you. Your new confidence and belief in yourself will help you make better choices. 

I know this coaching method works because I'm living it. You can too. The new program is coming soon: six participants in each class. Join the wait list by clicking on the button below. Take a step towards healing that lasts.

Learn how to stand strong and thrive through

the storms of life. Be like a lighthouse.

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