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This is how I helpI combine my dedication to living what I teach with my enthusiasm for understanding the environment in which you live and work. From this foundation, I create a safe, dynamic, and progressive learning atmosphere designed to help you take your next step.                       Annie Warner Donnelly

Normally, this is the place where I would tell you about me. Everything I'd say would be written to convince you that what I offer is the best for you. Instead, I want to say:

  • It’s the guidance that God offers through His words that is the best for all of us. God's faithful guidance and the principles He shares in the Bible have the greatest impact for good in our day to day living. If we allow it, the Word of God can become our life’s cornerstone, the place where we search for the answers to the challenges we face.​​​

  • I will mention that using the coaching strategies I've developed, I was able to walk out of depression and put to rest Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's true that when I keep my identity centred in the knowledge of who God is, and who He created me to be, I discover the limitless possibilities that exist within this knowledge.

Still today, I apply God's words to the situations I'm facing. His words remove the uncertainty of what I need to do next. It's how I keep peace in my heart and mind. God's words help me thrive in stressful situations. His words have kept me from depression all these years.  There is trauma recovery in a Biblical Framework. I know because I'm living it.​​​

I pray that you will discover how the implementation of beliefs and principles grounded in God's words can change the framework of your life for good, forever. 

May God always provide you with delightfully unexpected blessings, and may His blessings always exceed your needs. Amen.

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