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Are you feeling overwhelmed as you try to balance your responsibilities? Have you tried self-help books, but don’t get lasting results? Do you suffer with the effects of trauma and want emotional healing that lasts? Do you long to thrive within your current situation?

Programs, like the Living In Priority Sequence Applied Learning Program©, incorporate the practical application of the new information that is being processed. Here are some of its steps.

Principled Communication is all about being authentic. We make progress when our communication with God, ourselves and others is based on the truth of what we are thinking and feeling. Basing our identity on God's words ensures that we live by the principles outlined in the Bible. The Bible's teachings and God's promises never fail us.


Implementing new principles, based on the health promoting beliefs and habits found in God's words, can change the framework of our lives for good, forever. The powerful step of incorporating our abilities and experiences into these new principles helps us discover more about who God is, and who He created us to be. Limitless possibilities exist within that knowledge. 

These are some of the ways that the Living In Priority Sequence Applied Learning Program© helps us:

  • Understand what or who we're basing our identity on, and the difference that can make to our identity;

  • Examine our beliefs to make certain they are serving us well;

  • Learn how to say 'no' in a positive way;

  • Build strategies that enable us to move past conflict into a place of peace;

  • Utilize instruments of peace;

  • Be comfortable and self-assured as we make decisions;

  • Discover the difference between emotions and feelings and how we can manage them instead of them driving us; and,

  • Discover the beauty and value of the Christ-like Behaviour Cycle.


Registration for the next time the Living in Priority Sequence Applied Learning Program© will be offered will open soon. In the meantime, please take a look at the over 65 Blog postings. We hope you will find encouragement there. If you have a question, please click on the link above.


© Annie Warner Donnelly, 2002 – 2021

           Registration for the next Session will open soon.


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