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The Living In Priority Sequence© Applied Learning Program will help you to take the next step if:

  • You’re having trouble balancing your family, home, work, personal goals and other obligations.

  • Some days, your schedule overwhelms you.

  • Some days, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get or stay organized.

  • Some days, it's difficult to make a decision.

  • Some days, you find that sticking with something until it’s complete is difficult.

  • You keep forgetting family birthdays and missing special occasions.

  • You’ve tried self-help books, but don’t get lasting results.

  • Your goal is to live your best life now.

  • You suffer from depression and want healing that lasts.

Principled communication is all about being authentic. We make progress when our communication with God, ourselves and others is based on the truth of what we are thinking and feeling. Basing our identity on God's Word ensures that we live by the principles outlined in the Bible. The Bible's teachings and God's promises never fail us.


Implementing new principles, based on the health promoting beliefs and habits found in God's Word, can change the framework of our lives for good, forever. We help you incorporate your abilities and your experiences into these new principles. This powerful step helps you discover more about who God created you to be, and the limitless possibilities that exist within this knowledge. Please invite us to partner with you. 

  • Understanding what or who we're basing our identity on, and the difference that can make to our identity;

  • Examining our beliefs to make certain they are serving us well;

  • Learning how to say 'no' in a positive way;

  • Building strategies that enable us to move past conflict into a place of peace;

  • Utilizing instruments of peace;

  • Being comfortable and self-assured as we make decisions;

  • Accepting that our emotions are scorekeepers that we need to pay close attention to; and,

  • Discovering the beauty and value of the Christ-like Behaviour Cycle.


These are just some of the components of the Living in Priority Sequence© Program.



© Annie Donnelly, 2002 – 2021

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