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3 Word Sentences

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

We have April showers in Utopia. The tulips are about 5 inches high. The black capped chickadees are looking for a place to build their nest. Spring is doing its best to overthrow winter’s hold on us. Hurrah!

Elisabeth l. (she didn’t publish her last name) wrote a short book called, “Twelve Steps for Overeaters … An Interpretation of the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous”. Here’s an excerpt that begins on page 27:

When we are in tune with God, we are living in the present instead of fretting over the past or fantasizing about the future. God is now. God gives us strength for what is actually happening right this minute.

When we try to rewrite what happened a long time ago or when we worry about what might happen tomorrow, we lose touch with our source of strength. Wandering around in a daydream makes it easy to get lost.

We can’t know what tomorrow will bring. The best way to prepare for whatever may arrive is to maintain spiritual contact today. Amazingly when we stay attuned to God today, whatever comes up tomorrow turns out to be okay. Often it’s even better than okay – a lot better.

It stands to reason that God has access to information that you and I do not have. If we insist on acting only according to our limited vision, we restrict ourselves. Turning our lives over to the care of God frees us from our own limitations. If we are listening now, one day at a time, to inner promptings, we become more creative. The pieces begin to fall into place. Situations that seemed impossible begin to untangle. We get the strength and the insight to deal with them on a daily basis.

We already know that God is love. Now we are reminded that God is now.

I wonder how many 3 word sentences each of us can create?

Oh, the joy of knowing that God is __________! What word did you fill in the blank?

Let’s find a few new words that describe how our relationship with God deepened this past week, and how we hope it will deepen in the weeks to come. Let’s regularly remind ourselves that God is __________!

Praying for each of us to be blessed in a special way as we worship the One who was, and is, and is to come.


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