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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be full of surprises!

Maybe we’re born to them.

Maybe we’re not.

Maybe they adopt us right on the spot.

Maybe we adopt them because we can’t live without their affection and guidance and the vision we’ve caught of love.

Of love so precious, of love so divine

No contract here, no print so fine.

Nothing to stop being loved, and being kind.

But wait. There’s no one perfect,

Not them – Not us.

So how can it be that love is enough?

Ah, right from Creation God said it would be

Love – in His image – for you and for me.

When sin came, lots of things changed

But this has always remained the same: God’s Love.

Mothers hear God’s love in their child’s laughter. They see God in how their child approaches the world. An infant’s eyes follow the sound and presence of the mother. A tiny voice – and sometime not so tiny – cries to be snuggled close to the sound of the mother’s beating heart, a sound the child knows so well. It’s a bond that never breaks no matter how difficult the mother/child relationship might become in later years. Deep inside the child is the memory of that beating heart, and the comfort it gave through all its early years of development and growth.

For other children, adoptive mothers and stepmothers and foster mothers understand God’s love as they look into the eyes of children who come into their care. The love God places in their hearts for each child can create a bond as strong as any birth experience.

For others, women experience God’s love when they meet someone, young or old, that they are drawn to with a fierce and protective feeling, believing that God is calling them to cherish this person just as God cares for them.

We call them spiritual mothers. They may have never birthed a child, but within the circle of God’s love, they are birthing a relationship that creates a bond as strong as any birth experience.

And then, there are grandmothers. They come in all shapes and sizes, too. Mothers and grandmothers teach us so much about this world we live in.

They hold out their hands as we begin to walk.

They smile and laugh as we begin to talk.

They put our photos up on the wall,

And make marks on the door frames as we grow tall.

They come with bandages for our skinned knees,

And teach us to always say thank you and please.

They fly kites and watch baseball games.

They teach us what’s right without any blame.

Some days they’re sad, maybe even blue.

That’s when they tell us that God will come through – and sure enough, that’s what God does.

Then we get older and go our own way.

We think we know better, but mothers still say "God’s way is best".

Dear Mothers: we don’t know how life is for you,

But our prayer is that, in everything, God is seeing you through.

Each moment, He’s working things together for good.

Just go to Him always. He hopes that you would.

God’s love comes to you straight from His heart.

It comes with the hope that you two won’t part.

When all around you is in disarray,

Count on God. By your side, He’ll stay.

He’s ready. He’s able. His strength never ends.

On His wisdom and comfort you can depend.

May you always remember, you began as a babe.

In God’s eyes, that’s the way you have stayed.

You’re His precious child. He watched you walk and then run.

He listens for your words. He even listens to you hum.

He’s counted every hair that grows on your head.

He watches over you as you sleep in your bed.

So, dear mothers, here’s our wish for you.

May you always believe that God’s word is true.

And should the day come when you’re feeling blue,

Remember God loves you, and we do too!

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