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My Tanzania Journal - The Beginning

On January 22, 2023, Dr. Joash Gambarage invited me to come to Mugeta, Tanzania, to start a music program for the children's school he began to build there in 2010. I gratefully told him, "Yes!"

I hope to write the story of this wonderful opportunity in these pages. You can read a bit about it in the "Love that Never Fails" section. This Journal section is where the updates will appear.

God's timing is always perfect! What dream do you have stored deep in your heart? Do you believe it is unattainable? If God placed it in your heart, it is absolutely attainable; just start praying about it. That's what I did. If you start to pray now, someday soon you may have a new story to tell. May God's blessings always exceed your needs! Amen.

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