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November. A Time to Remember.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

November. It’s a time to remember the sacrifice made by thousands of men and women so that, here in Canada, we can be free of the war and devastation that exists in so many parts of the world. November is when we pause to thank God for each one who gave all that they had.

My Dad was a Wireless Air Gunner in a Lancaster bomber fighting World War 2 in the skies over Britain. Having seen the Lancaster at the War Museum in Hamilton, I can only imagine what he felt as he watched, from his glass enclosure, the enemy’s planes fly towards him. Barely out of his teen years: kill or be killed. He survived the war without a scratch only to die of a brain aneurysm in his 51st year.

Where I shop, I often see men and women in uniform, and I remember my Dad. I can’t thank him anymore, but I can thank them, and I do. Remembering isn’t just something to do on November 11. Every day, we can remember to be grateful that war hasn’t come to our cities and towns; to remember and pray for the men and women who, at this moment, are standing guard for Canada and other places in the world.

My Dad’s gone, but I am so grateful that our heavenly Father is alive; His love is available to each of us. Certainly, when it comes to Him, we have lots to remember.

· He never leaves us, nor forsakes us.

· He draws us to Him; He never pushes us away.

· He speaks to us gently, calmly.

· He lovingly touches us through the beauty of His creation, and through those He has created.

· He leads and guides us.

· He encourages us to use the spiritual gifts He has given to us.

· He longs for us to be who He created us to be, because His plans for us bring joy!

· Jesus died to save us. This means that we have value.

In Step Three of Elizabeth L.’s Overeaters Anonymous Book, she writes about being in tune with God.

“When we’re in tune with God, we’re living in the present instead of fretting over the past or fantasizing about the future. God is now. God gives us strength for what actually is happening right this minute. … We can’t know what tomorrow will bring … Amazingly, when we stay tuned to God today, whatever comes up tomorrow turns out to be okay. Often it’s even better than okay – a lot better. It stands to reason that God has access to information you and I do not have. If we insist on acting only according to our limited vision, we restrict ourselves. Turning our lives over to the care of God frees us from our own limitations.”

In this time of trouble caused by COVID-19, let’s remember to live in the freedom purchased by the spilled blood of so many, including Jesus. Let’s remember, be grateful and express our thanks.

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