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What are we going to champion this year?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Champion ... to stand up for something.

The word “champion” has a few meanings. Today, I would like to use this one: to stand up for something. As 2019 rolls along, how about we champion the truth?

How often do we believe the negative and ignore the positive? We may have had five good things happen to us during the day, but the negative one is the one we embrace. The negative one keeps us awake at night. We re-tell the negative one to anyone who will listen.

Our need to see ourselves as doing everything right drives us to re-play, over and over again, what went wrong, what we could have said, what we could have done. The truth is that we often build our view of ourselves with the bricks of negative thoughts; thoughts that, mortared into place, build a wall that keeps us in the prison of low self-esteem.

Created to create, to experience the joy of God’s salvation, to center our beliefs in the word of God that always guides us and lifts us into our identity as children of the living Lord, the truth is that we are so much more than our negative thoughts!

Sifting through our beliefs, let’s discover how we determine if something is positive or negative. Let’s dig deep. Let’s name the belief or beliefs that drive our attitude towards situations. This will make the difference between living in joy and being mired in despair.

This year, let’s examine the truth of our beliefs. Let’s answer the question: “What is driving us to think and respond as we do?”

This year, let’s become a champion at finding the truth, and living it!

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